Frequently asked questions

Why should I use Bean Drop?

Because you’re a superstar who wants to look after the next generation! You’ll be reducing landfill, CO2 emissions, supporting community projects and bringing a positive change to the world, but if that’s not enough; you’ll look awesome doing it with our Reusable Bean Drop Cup in hand.

But if you need even more reasons, click here and we’ll show you all the things Bean Drop supports.

Re-use or Recycle?


Let’s do both, reuse our cups which are better for the environment, and then at the end of their lives, we take them to the recycling centers so you know they’re being correctly recycled.

Did you know?

Only 2% of the UK’s recyclable paper cups were recycled in 2018, 98% went straight to landfill! Single use recyclable cups are hard to recycle, the UK only has 5 locations where this is possible. It’s time to swap single use for reusable cups!

Which cafes use Bean Drop?

Check out our Locations page to see where you can find a Bean Drop Station in your area.

Where can I drop off my Bean Drop Cups?

Look out for our brightly coloured Bean Drop Stations around town.

We have Bean Drop stations located at all of your favourite cafes and in-between. Check out our location map here!

Are all Bean Drop Cups delivered by bicycle?

Yep! We love cycling, it gets us outside, keeps us fit and reduces our carbon footprint.

How can we as a business or cafe get involved with Bean Drop?

We’re excited that you’re excited about Bean Drop! We want to bring Bean Drop to everyone, so lets chat!

Have any other questions? Drop us an email or pop into one of our participating cafes

What is Bean Drop?

Click hear to find out more about eco takeaway drink revolution.