Bean drop is a revolution in the way we have our takeaway coffee. Customers receive their coffee* in reusable cups instead of the single-use plastic-lined takeaway cups that most cafes currently offer. By using reusable cups, customers can return their cups once they are finished, reducing landfill waste, C02 emissions, and water waste compared to a single-use coffee cup. Bean Drop will wash the cups so customers don't have to; combining the convenience of single-use coffee cups with the environmentally friendly nature of a reusable cup. It won't cost you a penny more and you'll be saving the environment! Bean Drop can collect, clean, and distribute coffee cups for the exact same price as single-use coffee cups! As a customer, you won't pay a penny extra for your cup of coffee! And whilst you enjoy your favourite coffee in our uniquely identifiable reusable cups, you can be happy in the knowledge you've helped reduce CO2 emissions by 96%! In fact even though we will wash the cups after every use, you will still reduce the total water usage of cups by 76% when using a Bean Drop cup compared with a normal single-use cup.

What is Bean Drop?

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